Why use Boss Financial Group?

One Relationship
Instead of having several different relationships for your financing needs, at Boss Financial Group you will need only one from start to finish.  Your qualified credit adviser will manage the process from beginning to end and keep you up to date as the loan progresses. Having a single point of contact will ensure that you never have to get put on hold or explain your situation numerous times to someone you have never met.  Relationships are critical to our business so we will get to know you and our financial position so we can personally manage your requirements.

Brokers save you time and money
At Boss Financial Group we understand that your time is valuable, so in order to ensure that you get the best outcome we negotiate and compare the most competitive solutions in the market and provide them to you in a format that is easy to understand. From there it is as simple as selecting an option and we can then manage the rest to save you time, and money.

With over 40 lenders to choose from we can tailor a solution to fit your specific needs.  A recent study undertaken by the National Australia Bank found that brokers are fast becoming the number one choice for borrowers in Australia. With nearly 50% of all loans now being originated by brokers, it is clear that consumers are looking for more than what the banks are able to provide. The study also showed that the quality of client was better than what was introduced direct to the bank, so it is easy to see why banks now look to brokers for product distribution.

We’re better than the banks
We provide a level of service that it’s impossible to achieve with a bank. Our wide variety of lenders means we provide a solution to fit our customers not to meet the needs of a board of directors. Relationships are the core of our business. Your consultant can arrange any finance you need. You won’t be passed from department to department or have to run around to get the job done. We take the pressure off you by handling everything from the initial application to the final settlement.