Do you have business equipment that’s due for retirement?  Or are you growing rapidly and need new equipment to expand?

From the minute you decide on a purchase of a piece of equipment, motor vehicle, boat, aircraft, bobcat, tractor or semi-trailer etc., you can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

At Boss Financial Group we have extensive experience in financing a side variety of business equipment and can offer you a solution designed to suit your business:

  • Finance Lease - A Finance lease is available for most depreciable business assets and can provide you with the benefits of 100% financing and tax deductions.  How a finance lease works is that you sign a contract in which you (the lessee) can use a piece of equipment for an agreed term or time frame in return for regular rental payments or instalments to the financier.  With a finance lease, you technically lease the asset or equipment for an agreed term or rental amount.
  • Commercial Hire purchase you enter into an agreement with your lender to use the asset or equipment for an agreed term. The lender “owns” the equipment and payments are made during the term by you. When you make the final payment ownership is transferred to you.  You may purchase the equipment at any time during the agreement.
  • Chattel Mortgage differs from other types of asset or equipment finance in that you take ownership of the asset or equipment you are financing on delivery.  The bank or lender then takes the goods as security in return for the loan provided to you. The bank or lender has legal rights to the goods should you not be able to make your agreed repayments.
  • Commercial Vehicle Finance - Whether you are a sole trader buying a single vehicle or you have a whole fleet you need to finance and manage, Boss Financial Group have a commercial vehicle finance solution for you. We will work directly with you to determine the most effective finance options for the purchase of your new vehicle, fleet or management of your current fleet.
  • Personal Vehicle Finance- Boss Financial Group has extensive experience in arranging personal vehicle finance.  There’s nothing quite like that new car smell and experiencing driving it out of the showroom for the first time.  We can arrange personal vehicle finance for more than just cars.  Whether it’s a caravan, boat or motorbike, you can go shopping with confidence, knowing Boss Financial Group will be able to source the right Personal Vehicle Loan for you.